Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we park?

On-property parking is available.  We provide two dedicated spots for The Retreat and three dedicated spots for the Main House.  If you require more parking than that, please check with us before arrival to see if we can accommodate.

Do you have Wifi?

Absolutely!  Wifi is available throughout the entire property including the waterside rooftop deck.  We have a full property mesh system with over 6 access points around the property.  If you can’t tell, quality internet is important to us :).

Can you explain how the two vacation rentals are set up on the property?

Absolutely!  Click here to view a visual map .

The Retreat is located at the very front of the property where you park.  To access the main house, you walk along the South side of the property towards the water to find the front door.

There is a large laundry room that separates The Retreat from the Main House which is not accessible by either vacation rental.  Therefore, there are no common walls between the two units.

The Main House has a dedicated fenced-in first-floor deck that includes the koi ponds.  Beyond the fenced-in area and out towards the rooftop deck and pool becomes common space between both rental units.

The white house next to the pool is the owner’s house. The owner’s house has a separate driveway and entrance.

Can I book out the full property?

Absolutely, we have guests do that all the time (assuming they are both available).

Do you allow parties or large gatherings?

No, we do not permit parties or large gatherings.  We want everybody to have fun but we do have residential neighbors around us with children so we ask you to respect them and keep noises down late at night and early in the morning.  With that being said, our neighbors are awesome!

Can I request and early/late checkout?

Yes!  Whether we can provide it will depend on our cleaner’s schedules as well as whether we have guests the night before or coming the night after.

Do you allow pets?

Generally speaking, we do not allow pets. However, we have made exceptions for guests in the past with well-behaved dogs and charged a pet fee. We do love dogs but we’ve also seen the damage that some dogs can do. Please contact us and tell us about your situation. We will not rent to young puppies or dogs over 50 lbs.

Reviews of The Gallery


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Cabe and Brittany’s place. It was so neat and incredibly clean. They really did a great job on the decor to make it cozy and inviting. It was perfect for me, my mom, and my 7 year old. I was so sad to leave. I hope to visit again very soon!


This AIRBNB was phenomenal. We loved the property, everything was incredibly clean. We were so thankful to stay somewhere so nice for just a one night concert so THANK YOU THANK YOU!! :) I truly can't wait to hopefully come back in the future!


Amazing place! Super clean, great location, hosts were extremely nice. Highly recommend!

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